Buy, Sell, Trade, & Pawn Service for Coins

in Ft. Smith, AR

Cooper's Coin and Pawn Shop also buys, sells, trades, and pawns coins. These include gold coins, silver coins, and other coins of value. If your coin is unique, we will appraise it to get you the accurate value for what it's worth.

Common gold coins fall into the current prices of gold. Silver coins are priced by the current silver spot prices as well. Rare U.S. currency, numismatic coins, and foreign coins range in value depending on condition, date, and mint mark. Trading coins is an option to own a product in the store of similar value. We also have several types of coins available in our store for collectors such as gold and silver coins, half dollars, numismatic U.S. coins, and world coins from all over including Australia, China, France, Great Britain, Mexico, and many more.

If you have a coin or a few you'd like to pawn, sell, or trade, or are interested in purchasing coins from our inventory, our staff is ready to assist you and answer your questions. We're excited to help you and can't wait to see what unique coins you have in your collection.